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We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest Reiki Master and Shamanic Apprentice Katie, who brings a wealth of experience as a licensed mental health therapist and profound spiritual leader


 Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Katie, an intuitive empath/psychic medium, Usui Reiki Master, and Shamanic Apprentice,  also completing the 10 Munay-Ki Rites from the Q’ero Incan Shamanic Lineage.  I also have a background of 11+ years experience as a liscensed clinical mental health therapist, (LMHC). Throughout my career in the therapeutic field, I have gained insight on the continued support that my clients have needed beyond their deemed medically necessary sessions. There appeared to be a perceived gap between what level of support  insurance companies and managed care systems deemed appropriate, compared to what clients had expressed they felt they needed.

This knowledge, along with my shift towards a more spiritual and energetic realm of healing, has led me to pursuing work in alternative healing methods outside of the clinical therapeutic model. I believe in the idea of creating a space encompassing all facets of healing, including but not limited to physical, mental, spiritual and energetic healing. This space is where all are safe and free to explore their authentic selves, without any fear of judgment. This space is where the spiritually and magically inclined can find their way back to their truest selves and reclaim their power and voice in this world.

Within this healing space, I have a variety of offerings to help one along their own healing journey. Whether it be a soul talk support session where we can chat on a range of topics from mental health  to spiritual support and/or guidance to help with clearer understanding of metaphysical topics, or a reiki or shamanic clearing session to help with energetic support, or a oracle reading or shamanic 3 card pull to help with clarity and insight on a situation  in one's life, I am here to support and be of service on your own spiritual journey.  I look forward to working with you!

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