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We Recently Just Started A Rewards Loyalty Program here at Astral Auras. Included In This F.A.Q. We Will Discuss What This Program Is Comprised of & How You Can Get The Most Out Of It. 



To Start Getting Rewards: 


First Go To The Apple App Store or Google Play Store & Search The App Called LoyalZoo

Once Downloaded, Open The Application and Create an Account with LoyalZoo: 


Once The Application Is Opened and Your Account is Created; You Will be Taken to the NEARBY Businesses Page & Now Select Astral Auras:

After You Select Astral Auras You Will be Taken to The Check-IN Page: 

Once Checked-In You're Able To See Total Point Balance & See Current Reward Options With Corresponding Point Values Required To Obtain Them. 

*Note Promotional Offers and Discounts are only Redeemable When Your Device Is Geographical Near The Location*


How Do I Get Points ?

Every 1 $$$ Dollar You Spend Equals 1 Point * 




Do I Earn Points Online Or In-Store ? 

Points Are Earned by shopping at In-store only at this time





Where Can I Redeem My Points ? 

Promotional Offers, Deals, Point Redemptions & All Transactions Related to LoyalZoo Are Currently Only Redeemable In-Store*





Do My Points Expire ?

Points Are Issued on a Calendar Year of When They Are Accrued and Are Valid Indefinitely. *

If You Have Multiple Accounts with Point Balances Please Contact



Need Help? Contact Us ! 

Missing Points ? Questions ? Comments ? 

Contact Us: 

304 East Commercial Ave. 
Lowell, IN 46356

MON-THURS: 12p-7p
FRI-SUN: 11a-7p


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