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Astral is a driving force promoting cosmic change and transformation in the world of spiritualism and magic. Her focus on the Santa Muerte tradition and her adoption of the chaos magick philosophy make her a formidable catalyst in the realm of cartomancy and occult for divination and ascension. 

Astral's interest in Santa Muerte began when she had a dream of a Mexican woman pulling a wooden cart selling goods and she had white robes and Santa Muerte said I needed to get a White Robe. As she delved deeper into the practice, she developed a strong connection with the cosmic forces imbued in Santa Muerte, using them to guide her in efforts to relay meaningful messages that promote change as she interacts with clients on their highest journey. 

In addition to her work with Santa Muerte, Astral is also deeply committed to the chaos magick philosophy. This approach to magic emphasizes the use of personalized belief systems and practices, with an emphasis on experimentation and the attainment of personal power. Astral's incorporation of chaos magick into her work with Santa Muerte adds an exciting and unique element to her practice.

Overall, Astral is a dedicated practitioner whose work is sure to capture the necessary insight of anyone interested in magic, tarot, and spiritualism to promote transformation and identify change necessary for the highest good. Her dedication to her craft and her willingness to embrace Santa Muerte and the occult make her a true fortifier in the world of magic and spirituality. 

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