YUEQING Ceramic Censer, Backflow Variety Mixed Aromatherapy Incense Cones and Holder/Burner Bergamot (Does not Contain Incense)

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  • Ceramic incense holder, Suitable Scene: study, bedroom, sauna, yoga studio, meditaion room, kitchen etc.
  • Office environment: Light the fragrance, refresh the air, refresh your mind, keep your body and mind happy, and improve your work efficiency.
  • At home: light incense, warmth and comfort. The fragrance in front of the guests is not only polite and respectful to the guests, but also reflects the elegant taste of the host
  • Pack include:1 An incense burner (Excluding aromatherapy),Material: ceramics, handmade crafts, unique design.
  • Product Dimensions:3.7in*2.9 in (Mini type)