Tarot of gemstones & crystals

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Experience the harmonious convergence of gemstones, minerals, crystals, and the mystical insights of tarot within this captivating deck, brought to life through vibrant full-color photographs. This exquisite deck has been meticulously redesigned, adorned with elegant black borders that enhance the luminosity of each gem, while clearly displaying titles for effortless identification. With a total of 78 cards, accompanied by a comprehensive 66-page instruction booklet, this deck serves as a gateway to profound wisdom and energetic exploration.

For each card, discover a rich description of the gemstone's symbolic significance, alongside its corresponding tarot interpretation and shadow aspect. These revelations guide the querent in comprehending how to effectively harness the energy of the gemstone or crystal. Within the deck, you'll also find invaluable charts that depict the interconnections between the gemstones, tarot cards, colors, and chakras—providing a comprehensive understanding of their synergistic relationships.

Immerse yourself in the luminous realm of gemstones, minerals, and crystals, intertwined with the profound teachings of tarot, as this extraordinary deck illuminates pathways to self-discovery, energetic alignment, and spiritual growth.