Sunstone Pendulum

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  • 6 facet crystal point pendulum with the pendulum chain that has a tumbled crystal bead at the end and is a hexagonal pointed design as divination tool.
  • Material: rock quartz, 18KGP; pendulum size: about 0.8*1.2", about 10-15gram; chain length: 6.5"; quantity: 1Pc.
  • Please note that some slight variation in terms of color, texture,size, etc., as there are some wonderful variations unique to each stone. Please check the other pictures to see how different can be.
  • Crystal point pendulum helps in crystal healing, wellness, psychic, energy, power, protective, meditation, dowsing, peace of mind, health, wealth, success, metaphysical, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, sharpens the mind, balance the metabolism etc.
  • A dowsing pendulum is an object suspended by a cord, used for obtaining information which the normal senses are unable to access on a conscious level. It is a tool used for obtaining information from beyond normal consciousness. It helps to tap into the Higher Self and enhance intuition.