Sun Signs, Houses & Healing

Sun Signs, Houses & Healing

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Use Sun Signs and Houses to Heal, Transform, and Strengthen Yourself

Uniting sun sign personality traits with the astrological power of the twelve houses, this book teaches you how to accomplish three important things: transformation, healing, and resiliency. Each chapter focuses on a sun sign and a house, exploring them separately and in connection to the planets. This beginner-friendly book provides crucial insights on all twelve signs and reveals how your personality traits help you overcome challenges and improve well-being.

Once you have your birth chart—which you can easily acquire online using your time and place of birth—Carmen Turner-Schott helps you fully understand your sun sign, providing everything from self-care affirmations to optimal strategies for healing and transformation. This well-organized book lets you quickly jump between specific signs and houses, making it easy to look up information for yourself and your loved ones.