Tibetan singing and meditation bowl set, with cushion

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  • [Process material] This meditation bowl set includes Tibetan singing bowl, wooden bumper and hand-sewn cushion. It is handmade by Nepalese craftsmen and contains seven different metals, which can emit different sounds and tones, which can make you relax.
  • [Functional use] This meditation bowl can relieve bad emotions in the body, deeply relax the brain, and promote the relief of stress and tension. It helps you to empty your mind during yoga, prayer, and meditation, and achieve better results.
  • [Safe and harmless] Nepalese craftsmen use a mixture of seven harmless metals such as zinc, copper, tin, etc., to make them purely by hand. They are safe, harmless, and not easily damaged.
  • [Easy to carry] This 3.2-inch singing bowl can be easily placed in your hand or bag, or it can be placed on a cushion and placed on your table or cabinet, which can add a different flavor to your decoration.
  • [Perfect gift] The beautiful sound of the singing bowl can make people feel calm and relax. It is the best gift you can give to your family or friends.