The Little Book of Aura Healing: Simple Practices for Cleansing and Reading the Colors of the Aura

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Awaken your personal power―easy techniques to understand, read, and heal your aura

The Little Book of Aura Healing is your beginner’s guide to what your aura is and how you can heal and maintain it for better well-being. Begin with a brief background on how auras work before diving into specifics of each color, each layer, and practical aura balancing techniques that anyone can do. The Little Book of Aura Healing illuminates how your aura is connected to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Start healing your aura right away with:

  • Practical techniques―Explore simple practices for reading, healing, and strengthening your aura, with friendly language and helpful illustrations.
  • Learn the signs―Discover ways to identify an aura that’s imbalanced and how to align the energy of your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions for greater aural symmetry.
  • The seven layers―Learn about the color, size, chakra, and personality traits associated with each of the seven main layers of your aura, and how to heal the ones that need your attention most.

This book is your ultimate guide to auras and their colors as well as simple practices to read, cleanse, and heal them.