The Field Tarot

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The Field Tarot is a visionary creation designed to accompany readers on a profound journey through the sacred realm known as "the field," where the tapestry of the tarot narrative unfolds. Drawing inspiration from vibrant botanical landscapes and ethereal dreamscapes, the captivating artwork effortlessly immerses the reader within each scene, fostering a seamless connection with the profound meanings of the cards.

With its accessible imagery, The Field Tarot serves as an intuitive compass, aiding readers in navigating the intricacies of life, relationships, and both inner and outer journeys. It becomes a trusted companion, guiding seekers towards clarity, understanding, and personal growth.

This enchanting set includes a deck of 78 thoughtfully crafted cards and a comprehensive 96-page guidebook. Allow the transformative power of The Field Tarot to illuminate your path and invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that lie within the sacred space of your own existence.