Readings By Bee 🐝

Readings By Bee 🐝

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Bee Is A Dedicated Practitioner of the Craft 🪄✨

🐝Bee Is A Western Astrologer, Santa Muerte Devotee, & Goetia Enthusiast That Specializes in Intuitive Channeled Tarot | Oracle, Charm Castings, & Astrological Analyzations For Divinations and Psychic Messages.

✅Bee Uses All Clairs of intuition for Channeled Psychic Messages Through Multi-Deck Tarot | Oracle Readings and Charm Castings Made By Bee Themself. 

✅Bee’s Astrology Charts Readings can help identify the most magical and sensitive aspects in your life by studying the positions of planets and stars at the exact time of your birth to help clients understand more about themselves, when to make big life decisions, what asteroids can affect or influence our own special magic in life , and how compatible we are with other people in Synastry Astrology Charts. Bee Offers Astrology Readings in Western Tropical, Sidereal, and Draconic Charts. 


🙋‍♀️Ask 🐝 About: Astrology, Ancestor Work, Consecration Magick, Contagious Magick, Evocation, Invocation, Ritual Magick, Servitor Magick, Sigil Magick, Sympathetic Magic🙋


💠Se Habla Español: Lecturas, educación sobre limpias, hechicera y más 💠