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 Bee is a multi-disciplinary individual who has dedicated their life to exploring and bridging both the mystical and the scientific together. They are a western astrologer, specializing in the interpretation of celestial movements and their effects on human behavior.

Bee's knowledge of astrology includes a variety of charts, such as natal charts, which show the positions of celestial bodies at the time and place of a person's birth, synastry charts, which compare the natal charts of two people to analyze their compatibility, and draconic charts, which reveal a person's spiritual purpose in life. Bee is also skilled in solar returns, which offer insights into the upcoming year, and election astrology, which involves selecting the most favorable astrological conditions for important events.

In addition to their astrological practice, Bee is also a Santa Muerte devotee and goetia magic practitioner, using their spiritual knowledge to help guide and protect others. Bee also utilizes various divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards, as well as charm casting, to provide additional insights and guidance to their clients.

Bee's diverse background extends beyond the spiritual realm; they are also currently pursuing a master's degree in industrial engineering technology, showcasing their love for process improvement in a personal and commercial setting through various qualitative and quantitative statistical analyses. Bee's unique blend of skills and interests makes them a valuable resource for those seeking both scientific and spiritual guidance.



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