Handmade Natural Wooden Mortar and Pestle

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  • Usable for many things: Handmade 2-in-1 Mortar can easily be made with pestle and crushed garlic, ginger, vanilla, pepper, black cumin, walnut fruits, almonds, hazelnuts, walnut paste, coffee beans and various spices for cooking, and you can get the best taste. . Mortar pestle not only grinds food but also grinds supplements, herbs and pills.
  • -Material: handmade wooden mortar made of natural wood is environmentally friendly as it is a durable, non-toxic and hygienic, renewable material. Its surface has been specially treated, so it does not get moldy.
  • -Use: With mortar and mallet. it is very simple to use. You just need to put the items in the mortar and hit them firmly with the pestle until they mud or break. Ergonomic pestle design is comfortable for you to hold and its smooth surface will not hurt your hands after long time use
  • -Easy to use and clean, we recommend hand washing! -Widely used in the kitchen, indoor and outdoor pharmacies and pharmacists, it can help you powder the pills for optimum swallowing. It can be a nice gift for your loved ones, your mother, your spouse.