Gothic Tarot

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Imagine a landscape of lush forests and majestic mountains inhabited by dragons, faeries and unicorns. Here, you will also meet the beautiful enchantresses who harness their magic and share it in Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle, a collection of 48 cards, each with a story to tell. Though seemingly far away, this fantastical world reflects your own experiences and desires as it activates your intuition, leading you to profound wisdom and insightful guidance.

Includes 48 red gilt-edged cards and a 114-page illustrated, gilt-edged guidebook written by Steven Bright. Packaged in a striking matte & gloss varnish finished box with holographic paper.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic, mystery and ancient wisdom? Gothic Tarot brings you to a lush landscape of enchantment and mystery, unlocking your intuition and leading you to profound insight. Your guide is the beautiful Anne Stokes Oracle, with 48 cards, each with a story to tell, and a 114-page illustrated guidebook written by Steven Bright. Let your curiosity take you on an inner journey to knowledge and understanding!