Fairy Gems a Crystal Oracle

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For eons, fairies have woven their ethereal presence into the fabric of our existence. Born of light and shadow, these enigmatic beings embody the timeless essence of nature spirits, carrying within them the profound wisdom and potent magic of the wild. They beckon us into a vibrant and enchanting realm where boundless possibilities unfold. Simultaneously, gemstones have perpetually held the allure of enchantment, acting as amulets and talismans that safeguard and heal, bestowing clairvoyance, prophecy, and the ability to traverse realms beyond our own.

Within this captivating 40-card deck, the harmonious convergence of fairies and gems springs to life through the luminous brushstrokes of Linda Ravenscroft, accompanied by a book of oracles. Each card serves as a gateway, offering insights from the realm of the fairies. Venture into this enchanted domain, forge friendships with the spirits of earth and sky, and uncover the precious treasures hidden within the depths of your own soul.

The set encompasses 40 cards, each adorned with iridescent silver gilded edges, along with an organza pouch and a comprehensive 204-page guidebook. Alluringly presented within a magnetic hinged box, embellished with delicate foil accents, this enchanting ensemble awaits to transport you into a world where magic and wonder intertwine.