Divine Nature Oracle

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Do you recall the essence of your being before the world shaped your identity? Within you lies a radiant essence, born golden and divine, yet the human experience endeavors to convince you that you are solely of earthly origins. However, the truth remains unwavering—no matter how much worldly conditioning has encapsulated you, your divine nature remains untarnished, eternally valuable and radiant. This deck acts as a transformative force akin to phoenix-fire, dissolving all that obscures your true divine self. It unveils the magnificent truth of your existence. The accompanying 100-page book brims with feathers of insight and talons of unyielding strength. Remember, you need not rise from the flames; you ARE the flames—a divine and natural force, a treasure surpassing the boundaries of your imagination. It is time to embrace this realization and bask in its glory. The set comprises 44 cards adorned with gold gilded edges, an organza pouch, and a comprehensive 100-page guidebook, all elegantly packaged in a magnetic hinged box, embellished with foil accents.