Leather Gem Journal

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  • Imported , Handmade. Dimensions - 7 Inch ( Height ) x 1" Inch ( Width ) x 5" Inch ( Length ) Inches.
  • Unlined, handmade paper. Perfect for carrying with you on a daily basis. Ideal for daily journaling, note taking, sketching, traveling, business meetings, logbooks, food planning and anywhere else you would need to write something down.
  • These journals are hand crafted, and the embossed designs and shape of the stone may vary. Capture your important memories, accomplishments (and failures), life-changing moments and evolving dreams as a keepsake to reflect upon in years to come.
  • A lovely treat for your loved ones for an anniversary, birthday or graduation present, or for someone starting a new adventure.
  • This versatile men’s and women’s journal can be used as an appointment book, daily journal, sketchbook, or travel diary