The Wild Psyche: Plant Spirit Communication (90 Minutes)

The Wild Psyche: Plant Spirit Communication (90 Minutes)

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As a practicing Witch, Shaman, and Reiki Master, The Wild Psyche brings decades of personal practice and experience to her classes. In this Plant Spirit Communication class, you will receive a 45 minute attunement, which is a focused energy work session in which the practitioner permanently harmonizes your energy field with the life force of the plant kingdom. This attunement facilitates an opening to greater recognition, connection, communication, and work with the energy signatures of all herbs, plants, flowers, and trees. Plant spirits are powerful teachers and allies which can support our vitality, calm us during times of stress, release unwanted influences from our energy field, support mental and emotional wellbeing, deepen self-awareness, increase creativity, contribute to spell work and divination, and much more. After your attunement, we will practice various techniques for connecting with the plant spirits, and you will discover your personal plant spirit allies.
You will receive a manual for this class and a certificate of completion from The Wild Psyche upon finishing the course work.


Please note this is not an herbalism course.

No physical plant materials are required to connect with and receive the blessings of the plant spirits.



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