The Wild Psyche: Animal Guide Reading

The Wild Psyche: Animal Guide Reading

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Join The Wild Psyche to discover a personal animal guide to support you in realizing and embracing your gifts, connecting more deeply to your true nature, and living life more fully and passionately.

As creatures who share our physical space and earthly existence, animals can function as very effective and special guides. Animal spirits offer tangible, grounded, and straightforward direction, and opportunity for growth, learning, and actualization in our daily lives. Easy to connect with and honored in many cultures across the world, animal spirits are a great introduction to spirit guide connection for those new to such work. They are also valuable to the experienced practitioner, grounding us and reminding us of the gifts of embodiment, often while acting as effective messengers between ourselves and the Otherworld and beings such as the Fae, the deceased, and various deities.

This five card reading will walk you through how your animal’s wisdom and habits are showing up as assets to you at this time, how to engage and build relationship with your guide to receive and integrate the support being offered, and how to anchor the energetic signature of that relationship so you can carry it forward and call on it any time you need.

Your reading will be concluded with a five-minute Reiki boost to reinforce connection to your guide.


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