The Black Tarot

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• Get the answers you seek!

• Quality card stock that will keep going strong after thousands of readings and shuffling!

• A guidebook written by a professional tarot reader with over 30 years of experience!

• The perfect gift for someone who is a truth seeker, loves art, and a fearless spiritual adventurer!


Enter the darkness of the Black Tarot, where sparks of light punctuate the midnight realm. From the incredible imagination of Victoria Iva, these 78 cards will offer you penetrating insight into the depths of your mind and soul.

Inspired by her visions of the dark underworld, artist Victoria Iva created these eerie and macabre cards to help you penetrate the depths of the darkest reaches of your psyche and soul. Her incredible use of black, grays, and white to render stunning images that will provide you with powerful personal and professional readings. This deck will truly take you to another world.

Influenced by Arthur Edward Waite’s original version, the guidebook for this deck has been updated, modified, and improved by tarot reader Philip Young, PhD, who has been reading card professionally for over 30 years.

This deck is unique and a great one to add to your collection, or give as a gift. Perfect for use personal or professional readings. The cards will retain their quality after thousands of readings and repeated shuffling!