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The Wild Psyche - Service and Class Descriptions

The Wild Psyche is a unique synthesis of my disciplines as a tarot reader, Reiki channel, and mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanism. Deeply informed by shamanic perspective, these services are designed to restore vitality— by definition, the capacity for continuation of a meaningful or purposeful
existence, the power to live or grow— and to nurture a deep sense of grace, wellbeing, and belonging through promotion of integral relationship with the animate world around and within us.
  • Usui and Kundalini Reiki- Receive a relaxing and energizing infusion of life-force energy to release stress, nourish and fortify the subtle bodies, and restore vital flow.
  • Tarot Anima- A tarot reading designed to offer a deeply rooted sense of wellbeing, a hearty relationship to the world around and within us, and support in accessing presence and choice to tap into future potentials. Includes a five-minute Reiki boost.
  • Animal Guide Reading- Discover a personal animal guide to support you in embracing your gifts, connecting to your truest nature, and living more fully and passionately. We explore how to connect with your guide and conclude with a five-minute Reiki boost.
  • Comprehensive Vitality Session- Receive dynamic support and experience deep, lasting shifts as I utiize the full spectrum of my Reiki, tarot, and shamanic backgrounds to guide you into a sense of grace, meaning and connection. Best for those experiencing big life changes or ready to create them, and for those seeking personal or spiritual growth.
  • Energy Work Basics: Grounding Class- Receive an essential skillset for fulfilling potentials both magickal and mundane. Includes practical techniques and perspectives applicable across a broad range of life experiences and in all magickal, spiritual, and energy work practices.
  • Plant Spirit Communication Class- Receive a 45 minute energetic attunement to the plant kingdom, followed by guided instruction and practice in connecting with the spirits of plants for personal growth and magickal practice. Receive a certificate to teach Plant Spirit Communication. *Energy Work Basics Grounding Class is prerequisite for enrollment in Plant Spirit Communication
  • Intro to the Faeries Class- Learn who the faeries are, where they are, and how to connect with them. Dispel misconceptions that stand in the way of meaningful relationship with the Fair Folk.
  • Ancestral Connection Class- Learn who the Ancestors are, the benefits of honoring and connecting with them, and how to do so even if you don't know your family lineage or if you have troubled relationships with known family.