The Wild Psyche: Grounding Class (90 Minutes)

The Wild Psyche: Grounding Class (90 Minutes)

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*This (90 Minute) class is prerequisite for all other classes with The Wild Psyche.

As a practicing witch, shaman, and Reiki master, The Wild Psyche brings decades of personal practice and experience to her classes.

Grounding is an essential skill set that allows us to achieve our greatest potentials, both magickal and mundane, in the most efficient and effective manner. This class reviews in detail the practitioner’s insights on grounding, cultivated through years of personal and community engagement. We work through a wide variety of practical and practicable techniques and perspectives that are applicable across a broad range of experiences in daily life as well as for focused magickal, spiritual, and energy work. The practitioner guides you through two meditations, after which you will receive a seal of completion on the provided course materials.

Individuals from all walks of life can benefit from this basic energy work course, and will come away with actionable tools for keeping themself and their practice vital, potent, and effective. This class is valuable and foundational for those involved or interested in witchcraft, Reiki or other energy work modalities, psychic development, spirituality, and even for those simply wanting to feel more present and effective in their daily life.